A Whimsical New Novel with Jeeves and Wooster

Sebastian Faulks. Jeeves and the Wedding Bells. 2013. Toff British drollery.

Sebastian Faulks and Jeeves and the Wedding BellsThis tribute to P. G. Wodehouse’s iconic series featuring Jeeves and Wooster is superb, deftly evoking—thankfully not imitating—Wodehouse’s whimsical style while rendering the characters more serious and sharply etched. The bearded and bluff Sebastian Faulks, who wrote an enjoyable James Bond sequel in 2008, delivers Wodehouse’s usual absurdist hodgepodge of mistaken identities, country estates, disastrous dinner parties, rooftop getaways, and star-crossed romances. However, Faulks puts a novel spin on the Jeeves-Wooster relationship by dropping Bertie into the servant’s hall as valet to Jeeves, who finds himself masquerading as a peer for good and sufficient reasons (meaning Bertie is trying to help an old school chum regain his lost love). Meanwhile, Bertie himself has fallen in love yet again—but this time, Jeeves approves.

2 thoughts on “A Whimsical New Novel with Jeeves and Wooster

  1. I’m always wary of authors writing in another’s style…however it is a good excuse to seek out the rest of the original books I don’t own and read them first…

    • I was surprised at how well Faulks evokes Wodehouse without imitating his style to the point of parody or slavishness. It’s fun to read and watch him walking that fine line, acknowledging that the whole process of authorial mimesis is frightfully contrived.

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