Transhumanism: Utopia for the Privileged

Note: The video plays best using Firefox or Safari.

3 thoughts on “Transhumanism: Utopia for the Privileged

  1. Thanks for posting this, Michael. I remember thinking on reading your text post last month that these points are well taken. The appearance of your PowerPoint presentation is particularly timely this week, in view of Stephen Hawking’s warnings on artificial intelligence and the recent news about a Japanese “sales-robot” designed to read human emotions.

    You mention Aristotle in point 1, rightly identifying his work as an important point of departure in Western thought. I believe, though, that he, his teacher Plato, and perhaps most of all his teacher’s teacher Aristotle, would be deeply skeptical of transhumanism and similar currents of thought in our time.

  2. My pleasure, and thank you for your comment! Yes, most ancient philosophers would surely be appalled by the notion that humanness is to be artificially “enhanced” out of all recognition. I take it you are also in the E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC?

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