Pratchett and Gaiman’s Madcap Collaboration

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (1990)Good Omens book cover

Two of the weirdest and most imaginative fantasy novelists of our time once collaborated to write this outrageously zany, unnecessarily long story about the Apocalypse. In their hands, the impending doom of humanity is flat-out hilarious. The Four Horsemen ride motorcycles down the M25, the Hound of the Apocalypse wags his tail, inept Satanists misplace the infant Antichrist, and the prophecies of Agnes Nutter prove frightfully . . . prophetic. Meanwhile, a fussy angel (who, to people’s surprise, is not gay) buddies up with a fast-living demon (formerly Crawly, now Crowley) to postpone the end times. So ineffable.

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