Accessorizing Your Inner Librarian

Accessorizing Your Inner Librarian

Library Accessories

Note: This post was published in my public library’s staff newsletter in November 2012. I have reposted it here as an example of my lighter writing style.

With the holidays at hand, it’s time to make some difficult choices about presents. Inexpensive and entertaining gifts are always a first-rate choice, but have you ever fancied selecting fun, informative library-related accessories that retail for just $2 to $20? At the very least, such “accessories” might make fine post-holiday rewards to your own hard-working self!

Online retailers abound with bumperstickers, buttons, and T-shirts bearing playful, clever slogans about librarianship and literature. Do you “Read Banned Books”? Would you like to be a “Radical Militant Librarian” (whatever that means)? Do you believe that “Books Change Lives”? Are you commonly hailed as a “Super Library Assistant” or a “Super Librarian”? (I have received wonderful feedback from delighted patrons regarding my “Super Library Assistant” shirt, featured above!)

These slogans are charming and quirky—and a little self-parody can’t hurt our profession, so obsessed with image. However, the slogans in question also highlight the value of the services we library staffers and librarians render to our communities. Sporting such snappy slogans on your coffee mug, shirtfront, or bumper is an easy and amusing way not only to show your enthusiasm for working in a public library, but also to encourage fuller appreciation for the myriad materials and public services which our library provides. For us, ’tis always the season.

(Especially these next few months, of course.)

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